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Color: Montana Cover™ - Blue
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Product Information

Product Information: 

High gloss acrylic coated and embossed cover stock in a range of colors

Available in white and 6 colors

Features & Benefits: 

  • Fine grain embossing
  • High gloss Acrylic coating
  • Contains up to 30% total recycled fiber
  • Recyclable
  • Can be scored, folded or die cut
  • Easily stamped or silkscreened

Product Features: 

  • Performance & Decorative Boards
    • Cover Stocks
  • Quick-ship Cover Stocks Available Through Merchants
    • Coated & Embossed

Print Method : 

  • Screen Print

Decorating Techniques: 

  • Die-cutting
  • Emboss
  • Foil Stamp

Market and Applications: 

  • Packaging
    • Hang Tag
  • Print Graphics Substrates
    • Cover Stocks
  • Publishing - Cover Materials
    • Datebook / Diary Cover
    • Envelopes & Liners
    • Hand / Mechanical Binding
    • Invitations & Stationery
    • Menu / Hospitality
    • Saddle Stitched / Perfect Bound Cover
  • Records Management - Office / Home / School
    • Brochure / Catalog Cover
    • Document / Folio / Report Cover
    • Expanding File / Wallet
    • Notebook Cover
    • Pocket Presentation Folder
    • Presentation Portfolio
  • Technical / Industrial Specialties
    • Ticket, Tag & Label Stock
Production Guidelines
Product Guidelines: 

Montana Cover

Production Guidelines

Montana Cover combines a fine grain embossing with a high gloss acrylic coating, providing resistance to moisture and staining.

Standard Material


Basis Weight
(20” x 26”/500 sheets)

.011”/0,279 mm 95#/257 gsm

Printing and Embossing
Montana Cover yields excellent results when screen printed, foil stamped or embossed.

Screen Printing
Montana is ideally suited to screen printing. Use solvent based inks for best results, and screen mesh sizes as recommended by ink manufacturer.

Foil Stamping and Embossing
Montana Cover is ideally suited to foil stamping and embossing. Consult your foil supplier and/or embosser for additional testing samples and more information.

Drying Time
Due to the nature of acrylic coatings, there is no substrate absorbency to improve ink set and drying time. When applied to a nonporous surface, they require longer to dry.

Cutting and Die-cutting
Montana Cover can be guillotine, rotary or die cut. All normal steel ruled die cutting processes may be used on Montana. It can be cleanly punched and will readily accept all conventional fasteners, such as grommets in one or two pieces.

Most water based adhesives work well with Montana. Consult your adhesive supplier for more information.

Scoring and Folding
Montana has excellent hinge/fold characteristics.To fold or bend Montana, the stiffness of the sheet at the bending line must be lowered, and a flexible hinge formed within the sheet itself. A satisfactory score must reduce the bonding strength between the individual plies of the pressboard sheet, so that the plies will delaminate when the board is folded on the score line. In addition, the width of this delamination portion must be great enough to allow the stock to squeeze down into the bead on the inside of the bend, so that a fulcrum is not formed near the surface of the sheet which will rupture the outside ply when the bend is made. The "hinge" effect is achieved only when the inside of the bend is on the female die side (protruding side after scoring).

Montana Cover is ideally suited to die cutting.

Folding, Scoring and Gluing
Montana Cover’s performance characteristics are well suited to folding, scoring and glueing.


Specification & Data Sheets
Basis Weight:* #/gsm95/257
Caliper in/mm.011"/0,279
Sheet Size35" x 23"
M Weight294
Dark Blue250-41-30
* 20" x 26"/500 sheets   
Grain direction indicated by underscore. 


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Calculation Tools
Calculation Tools:


LB per FT2 = BW

$/FT2 = LB. per FT2 X $ per LB

$ per MSF = $/Ton X BW

$ per LB. = $/CWT

$ per Ton = 6000 X BW + $ per MSF X 6000

M Weight = L X W X BW

$ per Sheet = M Weight X $ per LB.

Number of Sheets = Total Weight
                              LB. per sheet

Order Weight = LB/Sheet X Number of Sheets

Linear Feet in Roll = 41.67 X Net Weight (lb.) X 864
                                       Roll Width X BW

Roll Weight = OD2 - ID2 Roll Width X BW X .00182
Caliper [.020" = 20]

Roll Weight from Lineal Feet = Roll Width X BW X Lineal Ft.

Price per Linear Foot = Weight (lb.) X $/cwt.
                                         Linear Feet

· BW = Basis Weight
· All formulas with basis weights assume a 36 X 24" cover basis (3000 FT2)
     · (36*24)/144*500 [i.e., the weight per 500 sheets or ream]
· MSF = 1000 Square Feet