FiberMark Products

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Arcoflex® Paper Tape

Color coated saturated paper, available gummed or plain


A finely woven coated cloth in a range of vibrant colors

Carbon-X by Corvon®

Exclusive carbon fiber texture, with proprietary coating chemistry, creating depth and subtle, iridescent luster


Traditional "white back" cotton cloth

Conservation Buckram Archive

Strong double warp buckram


E3 =Economical Ecological Electronic sample service


Lightweight Tyvek® (1025D) or a cotton cloth laminated to a heavy weight paper/board.

Heat Seal Tape

Color coated, kraft paper or latex-saturated, nylon-reinforced base with a heat seal adhesive


Color coated cellulose/synthetic fiber blend latex impregnated paper

Illusio by Corvon®

The multi-faceted hues of Illusio by Corvon® provide a progression of intense color shifting shades that couple, contrast, and amaze around every...

Iridescents™ by Corvon®

Shimmering, lustrous iridescent coating in a latex-saturated covering material. Available in Polish, Weave and Bengaline textures.

Kivar® 7

Simulated leather and cloth patterns in a lightweight latex-saturated covering material

Kivar® Sutton

Simulated cloth patterns in a lightweight latex-saturate dcovering material

Metal Mesh by Corvon®

Metallic print with mesh texture in 4 classic hues

Metal-X by Corvon®

Rich, metallic tones and distinctive textures


Color-coated, 4pt, latex-saturated covering material, embossed to mimic leather and cloth

Pellaq Snakeskin®

High gloss, simulated leather in a range of high-end snakeskin patterns

Pellaq® Bayou

High gloss, simulated leather in high-end alligator pattern

Pellaq® Boucla

Unique, elegant gloss finish with shimmering pearl effect

Pellaq® Crispel

New leather-grain emboss in Pellaq® line of decorative covering materials

Pellaq® Iguana

High gloss, simulated leather in high-end iridescent reptile patterns

Pellaq® by Skivertex®

High gloss, simulated leather in a range of high-end reptile patterns

Shimmer by Corvon®

Richly charged iridescent cover material with jewel-like hues and a sumptuous soft-touch finish offered in a matte powder visual or optional textures

Super Arcoflex®

Hard structure (paper-like), color coated polyolefin (Tyvek®), available in gummed or plain versions.

Tyvek® Flame Retardant

Fire retardant coated Tyvek®

TYVEK® Hard Structure

Paper-like polyolefin (Tyvek®) available in various weights.

TYVEK® Soft Structure

Cloth/fabric-like polyolefin (Tyvek®)