FiberMark Products

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Arbelave® Library Buckram

High quality, strong, durable coated buckram

Archival Folder Stock

Acid-free Hi-pH archival quality folder stock

Archival Genuine Pressboard™

Acid free Hi-pH archival quality pressboard

Archival Grey/White Board

Acid-free Hi-pH archival quality duplex grey and white material


Contemporary, sophisticated metallic visuals on our trademark textile bases


A range of coloured, bright metallic coated textiles, to satisfy every desire


The only range on the market offering a coated textile with a true matt finish, for a classic, contemporary look and feel.

Conservation Buckram Archive

Strong double warp buckram


A bright, eye-catching range marrying the outstanding durability of a textile base with a highly fashionable colour range

TYVEK® Hard Structure

Paper-like polyolefin (Tyvek®) available in various weights.