FiberMark Products

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Acrylic coated latex impregnated strengthened paper with surface lustre

Passport Spine Tapes

World's leading choice for passport covers and security documents

Pellaq Snakeskin®

High gloss, simulated leather in a range of high-end snakeskin patterns

Pellaq® Bayou

High gloss, simulated leather in high-end alligator pattern

Pellaq® Boucla

Unique, elegant gloss finish with shimmering pearl effect

Pellaq® Crispel

New leather-grain emboss in Pellaq® line of decorative covering materials

Pellaq® Iguana

High gloss, simulated leather in high-end iridescent reptile patterns

Pellaq® by Skivertex®

High gloss, simulated leather in a range of high-end reptile patterns

Permalex® Colors

Colorful hues, bold and dramatic with striking finish

Permalex® El-Hi

Kraft base with acrylic reinforcement and acrylic coating

Permalex® Endleaf

Acrylic reinforced Kraft with pigmented acrylic base coat

Permalex® High Tear

Acrylic reinforced Kraft with nylon fibers and pigmented acrylic base


Acrylic coated & embossed Type I Genuine Pressboard

Printable Tapes Systems

4.5-mil saturated flatback papers, release coated with a high performance printable release coating.