FiberMark Products

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Ancillaries - Mull & Calico, Hollows, Crepe/Kraft

Spine linings, hinges, and fabrics for any bookmaker's project

Arcoflex® Paper Tape

Color coated saturated paper, available gummed or plain


Lightweight Tyvek® (1025D) or a cotton cloth laminated to a heavy weight paper/board.

General Purpose Tape Base

Cream color, lightweight, creped, saturated base suitable for general household and light industrial uses

Heat Seal Tape

Color coated, kraft paper or latex-saturated, nylon-reinforced base with a heat seal adhesive


Color coated cellulose/synthetic fiber blend latex impregnated paper

KivarFlex Drill & Cambric

Drill is a Polycotton blend fabric while Cambric is 100% Cotton.  Both suitable for book spine application.

Kivarflex Stretch 605

Durable book component material suitable for book spine application

Super Arcoflex®

Hard structure (paper-like), color coated polyolefin (Tyvek®), available in gummed or plain versions.

Tyvek® Flame Retardant

Fire retardant coated Tyvek®

TYVEK® Hard Structure

Paper-like polyolefin (Tyvek®) available in various weights.

TYVEK® Soft Structure

Cloth/fabric-like polyolefin (Tyvek®)