FiberMark Products

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ALLOY® - Wide Range of Material Combinations

Latex-saturated decorative covering material and paperboard composite base material

Archival Folder Stock

Acid-free Hi-pH archival quality folder stock


Lightweight, vellum-finished, uncoated colored pressboard used in printed ticket, tag, and filing applications

Canton Cover®

Simulated football texture

Colored Wallet

Available in a wide range of colors

File Folder - Recycled Kraft

Various thicknesses kraft content material: bleached and unbleached

Nuvoluxe® Board

Latex-saturated decorative covering material on white paperboard composite base material

Red Wallet

Available in several standard shades of brick red

Springfield Cover®

Simulated basketball texture

Touché® Cover

High-tactile C2S offset printable self-supporting stock with rose petal-like, matte finish that has luxurious soft-touch appeal in a range of solid...