Jersey® Cover

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Texture: Leatherette
Color: Jersey® Cover - Leatherette Black

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Product Information

Product Information: 

Rich linen or leather-grain emboss in a lightweight, uncoated cover

Versatile and reliable cover stock with good ink holdout

Features & Benefits: 

  • Wide selection of colors
  • White, Ivory and Grey available in carton stock; all other colors may require a mill run
  • Contains up to 35% total recycled fiber & up to 10% post consumer waste
  • Recyclable
  • Excellent printing and bindery performance

Product Features: 

  • Performance & Decorative Boards
    • Cover Stocks
  • Quick-ship Cover Stocks Available Through Merchants
    • Uncoated

Print Method : 

  • Offset Print
  • Screen Print

Decorating Techniques: 

  • Deboss/Blind Stamp
  • Die-cutting
  • Emboss
  • Foil Stamp

Market and Applications: 

  • Packaging
    • Hang Tag
  • Print Graphics Substrates
    • Cover Stocks
  • Publishing - Cover Materials
    • Datebook / Diary Cover
    • Envelopes & Liners
    • Invitations & Stationery
    • Menu / Hospitality
    • Saddle Stitched / Perfect Bound Cover
    • Softcover / Paperback Book
  • Records Management - Office / Home / School
    • Brochure / Catalog Cover
    • Business Cards
    • Document / Folio / Report Cover
    • Expanding File / Wallet
    • File Folder
    • Notebook Cover
    • Pocket Presentation Folder
    • Presentation Portfolio
  • Technical / Industrial Specialties
    • Ticket, Tag & Label Stock
FSC Info:

FSC® C020981 Product Guide



Recycled Content




White & Ivory have 10% Other Recycled Fiber only; Grey, Bold Blue, Forest Green, Navy, Red, Cordovan & Black have 10% PCW and 25% Other Recycled Fiber.


Production Guidelines
Product Guidelines: 

Jersey® Cover Production Guidelines

Jersey Cover is a reliable and solid performer as a cover stock, and is a denser, more durable sheet than other cover stocks of the same thickness.

Jersey Cover's excellent printability works well with both sheet fed and web offset printing as well as heat set printing. Use a high-micron spray powder to avoid offsetting (20-40u).

Rack in small lifts of 250 to 500 sheets for better drying. As an option, in-line aqueous coating offers additional protection against offsetting and scuffing.

Use high tack inks (14-16) for faster ink set-up on the sheet. Use oxidizing inks with good rub resistance. As with many uncoated stocks, large areas of solid coverage may require a second hit or an additional screen tint to achieve full color value. We recommend using a drying additive in the ink.

Maintain a normal pH in the range of 4.0-4.5. Use a drying stimulator for faster results.

Foil Stamping and Embossing
Jersey Cover is ideally suited to foil stamping and embossing. If foil stamping over a printed surface, use wax-free inks.

Jersey Cover is ideally suited to die-cutting, either on a flat-bed or rotary press. It can be cut along the grain or across the grain, resulting in clean, smooth edges.

Folding, Scoring and Glueing
Jersey Cover has excellent performance results with folding and scoring. A 2 pt. score is recommended for the most accurate and consistent folding of the Jersey Cover collection. Scores should incorporate a hinge, ridge or "bubble". This will allow the stock to be folded against the bubble on the inside of the sheet for minimum stretching and reduce cracking or splitting of the fiber or coating.

Scoring and folding should go with the grain. When scoring in both directions is required, keep the longest score in the direction of the grain.


Specification & Data Sheets
Basis Weight* #/gsm80/21680/216
Caliper in/mm.009"/0,229.009"/0,229
Sheet Size35" x 23"26" x 40"
M Weight248320
* 20" x 26"/500 sheets 
 Grain direction indicated by underscore.  


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Calculation Tools
Calculation Tools:


LB per FT2 = BW

$/FT2 = LB. per FT2 X $ per LB

$ per MSF = $/Ton X BW

$ per LB. = $/CWT

$ per Ton = 6000 X BW + $ per MSF X 6000

M Weight = L X W X BW

$ per Sheet = M Weight X $ per LB.

Number of Sheets = Total Weight
                              LB. per sheet

Order Weight = LB/Sheet X Number of Sheets

Linear Feet in Roll = 41.67 X Net Weight (lb.) X 864
                                       Roll Width X BW

Roll Weight = OD2 - ID2 Roll Width X BW X .00182
Caliper [.020" = 20]

Roll Weight from Lineal Feet = Roll Width X BW X Lineal Ft.

Price per Linear Foot = Weight (lb.) X $/cwt.
                                         Linear Feet

· BW = Basis Weight
· All formulas with basis weights assume a 36 X 24" cover basis (3000 FT2)
     · (36*24)/144*500 [i.e., the weight per 500 sheets or ream]
· MSF = 1000 Square Feet