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Product Name

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Order a sheet of Dorset® - Dusk

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Color: Dorset® - Dusk
Sample Set:

Order a card of Dorset®


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Product Information
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Smooth, matte finish with rich color saturation

Ideally suited for premium folding carton and cover stock applications

Features & Benefits: 
  • Matte pigment coating
  • Available in .012", .017", .018", .023" and .026"
  • Eight handsome colors
  • Strong and durable
  • Contains up to 35% total recycled fiber & up to 10% post consumer waste
  • Recyclable
  • Custom colors and embossings available
  • Sophisticated look and feel
  • Resistant to moisture and scuffing
  • Excellent convertibility
  • Can be offset printed, foil stamped and screen printed
Product Features: 
  • Performance & Decorative Boards
    • Cover Stocks
    • Folding Carton Boards
Print Method : 
Offset Print
Screen Print
Decorating Techniques: 
Deboss/Blind Stamp
Foil Stamp
Market and Applications: 
  • Document Cover
    • Datebook Cover
    • Diary Cover
    • Document Cover
    • Notebook Cover
    • Saddle Stitched Document
  • Hospitality
    • Hotel Directory
    • Menu
  • Office/Home/School
    • Binder
    • Business Cards
  • Packaging
    • Boxmaking Materials
      • DVD / CD Cover
      • Folding Carton
      • Slip Cases
    • Luxury Box (rigid Box Coverings Or Folding Carton)
      • Confectionary Box
      • Cosmetic Box
      • Fragrance Box
      • Health & Beauty Box
      • Media / Entertainment
      • Wine & Spirits Box
  • Presentation
    • Pocket Folders
    • Portfolio
    • Presentation Folder
  • Stationery & Photo
    • Envelopes
    • Greeting Cards
    • Invitations
  • Ticket, Tag & Label
    • Hang Tag
FSC Info:

FSC® C020981 Product Guide



Recycled Content







Production Guidelines
Product Guidelines: 

Dorset® Production Guidelines

Dorset features a smooth, sophisticated matte finish in a versatile cover and folding carton material.

Caliper Basis Weight / gsm
(36x24”/500 sheets)
.017”/0,432 mm225 / 366
.023”/0,584 mm290 / 472


Offset Printing
For best results we recommend the use of UV inks. Please consult with your printer.

Foil Stamping
Dorset yields excellent results when foil stamped. and embossing. Consult your foil supplier for recommendation based on artwork.

Silkscreen Printing
Dorset is an excellent performer for silk screen-printing. However, it is recommended that in silk screen printing that quick-drying gloss inks be used instead of the more conventional non-gloss inks. The pressboard can be either air dried on racks or through tunnel dryers. However, if tunnel dryers are used, temperatures should be kept at a minimum.

Screen Printing
Dorset is ideally suited to screen printing. UV or solvent based inks may be used. Consult your screen printer for ink and screen size recommendations.

Folding and Scoring
Dorset has excellent performance results with folding and scoring. A 3 pt. score is recommended for the 17 pt sheet and a 4 pt rule is recommended for the 23 pt sheet. For packaging applications using Dorset, wider score lines are necessary to handle the additional stress demands of a box hinge where the score may be folded 90° the opposite way.

Scoring rules should be rounded to prevent cutting the board (we suggest rounding to 0.005” radius).
Scoring and folding should go with the grain. When scoring in both directions is required, keep the longest score in the direction of the grain.


Specification & Data Sheets
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Calculation Tools
Calculation Tools:


LB per FT2 = BW

$/FT2 = LB. per FT2 X $ per LB

$ per MSF = $/Ton X BW

$ per LB. = $/CWT

$ per Ton = 6000 X BW + $ per MSF X 6000

M Weight = L X W X BW

$ per Sheet = M Weight X $ per LB.

Number of Sheets = Total Weight
                              LB. per sheet

Order Weight = LB/Sheet X Number of Sheets

Linear Feet in Roll = 41.67 X Net Weight (lb.) X 864
                                       Roll Width X BW

Roll Weight = OD2 - ID2 Roll Width X BW X .00182
Caliper [.020" = 20]

Roll Weight from Lineal Feet = Roll Width X BW X Lineal Ft.

Price per Linear Foot = Weight (lb.) X $/cwt.
                                         Linear Feet

· BW = Basis Weight
· All formulas with basis weights assume a 36 X 24" cover basis (3000 FT2)
     · (36*24)/144*500 [i.e., the weight per 500 sheets or ream]
· MSF = 1000 Square Feet