• Specifier Awards

    To participate in this year's competition, please contact your Account Executive, Customer Service Representative, or fill out and submit the registration form. And don't forget to ship the samples!

Annual Specifier Awards: Naturally Creative Competition

The FiberMark Specifier Awards program was created to celebrate the best of color, texture, pattern and design.  It recognizes excellence in design innovation in a wide array of packaging, publishing, office products, graphic arts and industrial applications from around the world.  Since its introduction in 1992, the Awards program has earned an increasing reputation as one of the industry’s most prestigious competitions.

Any product produced during the previous calendar year is eligible for submission.  Entries are judged by a panel of experts who consider the best examples of the aforementioned color, texture, pattern and design, and their expression throughout a range of “naturally creative” materials and themes.  Importantly, the judges also weigh construction quality and the relationship of the covering material to the overall product.

For more information, or to submit a design for consideration, please refer to the “Call for Entries” spotlight.  And, to see a showcase of past winners, please take a look at our Winners’ Brochure, either by clicking on the download or signing up to have a hardcopy of the most recent winners brochure mailed to you.

Thank you to everyone for making this campaign such a success and to our Naturally Creative® winners who contribute coveted pieces each and every year.  Congratulations to the 21st Specifier Award Winners!  Look forward to receiving the 22nd Specifier Award Entries.  Deadline for entries is October 31, 2015.

  • Showcase

  • A gallery of industry-renowned specifier award winners from years past.