• ProtoLab

    FiberMark's "ProtoLab" delivers exceptional 'custom' capabilities and world-class service.

One-of-a-Kind Branding Solutions

FiberMark’s “ProtoLab” provides an ideal means of creating prototypes and new visuals that incorporate the company’s vast array of product selections, textures and looks into custom designs.  FiberMark’s catalog includes many thousands of standard items, but customers may often want to further “tweak” a finished surface, color or texture to better suit their concept.  The ProtoLab gives the customer the opportunity to do so.  Whether it’s for a new package design, a book cover or supporting a global brand’s new product launch, the ProtoLab team will build and rapidly deliver samples of customers’ unique ideas—typically within 24-48 hours.

Based in the company’s West Springfield, Massachusetts, facility, the ProtoLab is gaining a reputation as one of the company’s most valuable resources. Working in tandem with the adjoining Mini-Design Center, the ProtoLab offers additional prototype packaging and presentation samples.  Customers are also invited to schedule a visit to the facility, to work more closely with a sales rep or member of the expert ProtoLab team. 

FiberMark can create new visuals, new tactile finishes and other variations of the company’s current products that enable our customers to better see what their finished product will look like.  We can take nearly any combination of color, finish, print and embossing to create a whole new visual for customers—something that will really differentiate them from their competition.

If your project requires a custom touch, contact customer service with project information and a representative will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your creative ideas.  The ProtoLab will assist in making your inspiration a reality!