• FiberMark Edge

    This FiberMark promo met its match - Pantone's Fashion Forecast inspired this gorgeous piece - check out the Pellaq® Vipera snakeskin decorative covering material!

Explore the "FiberMark Edge"

Creative minds crave inspiration, and find it in both the likeliest and most unlikely corners of life.   The “FiberMark Edge” offers design and specifier professionals an opportunity to leverage FiberMark’s latest, most leading-edge ideas in product capabilities and innovation.  Without a doubt, FiberMark’s wide array of highly sophisticated products and manufacturing processes help to reinforce and amplify the aims of any design concept or project.  As more and more design professionals are discovering, FiberMark’s unique, high-end decorative covering materials will push any project over the ‘edge’.

Below, parse a handful of idea brochures and coveted product collections to help stimulate your own planning for innovative design concepts and a host of applications across an exciting and ever-widening spectrum of FiberMark offerings.

  • Pantone Look Book”. . .   True to its creative nature, FiberMark has created an inspired Pantone PMS color matching catalog that, page-by-glorious-page, highlights a wide array of seasonal Pantone colors with the designers who have used them to fabulous effect.  Take a look at this YouTube video from the well-known industry HOW Conference in which a FiberMark spokesperson demonstrates the Pantone book for Sabine Lenz, the founder of PaperSpecs or fill out the form to make an appointment to browse the latest edition in person.

  • FiberMark’s “Pure Black”:  Black was never more beautiful than in this stunning new collection of distinctive and durable cover stocks from our Pure Black line. In fact “Beauty” and “Simplicity” are the bywords for this masterful medley of surfaces.  The premise?  That “black” is the total absorption of all colors, offering coverings that free you from distraction and are capable of enhancing any mood.  Don’t take our word for it; contact us to get a one-on-one look at this elegant sample portfolio!

  • As both a vibrant color and an ethical idea, “green” has never had more meaning than it does today, when, rightly so, environmental sustainability has taken product design and development by storm.  Order a copy of our complimentary brochure, “BIG Design Impact – small footprint” to learn how FiberMark’s absolute commitment to environmental preservation can influence your product design ideas, using our distinctive, sustainable performance boards and decorative covering materials.

  • Nothing compares to the ‘ignite-your-senses’ feeling you’ll experience when you receive FiberMark’s “Idea Series” in the mail.  One example, and a popular favorite with designers, features custom color Touché® with his-&-her themed samples.  Interested in receiving FiberMark direct mail promotions?  Opt-in to our mail list by filling out a form.