• Intellectual Property

    Protecting FiberMark's patents, trademarks, and intellectual property is critical to the success of the business and like many world-leading brands, our success has led to products being copied. Imitated but never duplicated, the key identifiers are found in the details and performance of the product.

A Statement from FiberMark’s President on Intellectual Property

“With the globalization of business and manufacturing, the right of companies to protect their intellectual property, patents and trademarks has become ever more important.  Why?  Because companies like FiberMark that have earned a reputation for absolute commitment to quality in every facet of their production processes are increasingly threatened by imitators and intellectual property “pirates,” unscrupulous companies and individuals who will stop at nothing to profit from the hard work of others. 

The list of registered trademarks you see below represent the heart and soul of FiberMark.  They reflect a painstaking effort on the part of our highly professional employees to conceive, research, test and perfect every detail of every product we manufacture.  It’s all part of the rigor a product must undergo, and the excellence it must achieve, before the FiberMark name can go on it.

We urge all of our past, present and future customers to help us ensure that we protect these vital trademarks.  For the sake of your own products’ ultimate quality and workmanship, we ask that you scrutinize the materials, processes and intellectual property you are considering, and make absolutely certain that the quality claims they make are in fact true, authentic and ironclad, as are FiberMark’s.  This is the only way we know of that, as your partner in production, we can guarantee the level of quality we know you strive to achieve.” 

Anthony MacLaurin
President and Chief Executive Officer
FiberMark North America Inc.