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    FiberMark Red Bridge International is the exclusive distributor of Schmedt bookbinding machines throughout the U.K.

Schmedt: Machinery Distributed in the UK by Red Bridge Int'l


Prä Bookbinding Machines: The complete solution for short-run and medium-size production of books.



The Präcut machine is designed to efficiently remove and notch the spine of a book in preparation for re-sewing or un-sewn binding. The notches improve the efficiency of perfect binding by increasing the area of gluing along the spine.

Model featured HHS65

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The Präzipur is an automatic single-clamp perfect binder for use with PUR adhesives. It works with a closed PUR application system and is equipped with a pressurised tank for 2 Kilo PUR-melting cartridges. The application system has a glue length control and side gluing devices without the use of nozzles and hoses. The binder has a lowerable milling station to prepare the book block for binding. It also has a cover station for soft covers or the application of ready made endpapers. All settings are changed via a touch screen. The change of format time is almost zero and during automatic operation, the machine is automatically adjusted to the block width. The PUR system is cleaned automatically through a built-in cleaning system. The machine is a perfect compliment to our case-making system and other finishing equipment.



The Präcoll is a semi-automatic adhesive binding system for the fan binding of series and one off titles. The loose pages are fanned across a gluing
roller and adhesive is applied to the tip of each page before mull or crepe is applied to the spine.

Model featured HHS11



The two-roller gluing machine PräziCoat® 500 for the gluing of cloth for the production of book cases. Special equipment for animal glue for the processing of laminated coat papers. With automatic water supply for optimal viscosity.

Roller width 500 mm.



The Sumbel Gluing Machine is ideally suited for gluing flat sheet materials using either hot or cold glue applications. It is available in three widths 500mm, 650mm and 800mm. Variants for gluing strips, board, labels, edge gluing and many other applications available contact us for further details.

Model featured Herold 800mm



The latest model of the Prädeck has been modified to incorporate a pneumatic operation reducing the effort required for operation. It will produce hard back cases for single (assorted) as well as small series of books. In one process, the two boards and the spine hollow are placed accurately and with exact joint width on the glued cover material.

Model featured HHS23


Präzicase SC-2 Case Maker

The Präzicase is ideally suited for short run and one off case making. It features zero set up for size change, automatic corner cutting, single operator use and proven reliability.


Präzicase EC-3 Case Maker

This is the latest addition to the Schmedt range of machinery, ideal for one off case making, digital one off production and library binding applications. This machine is a must for all small to medium sized binderies.



The Prakant turns in and presses down the covering material after positioning of the boards on the Prädeck.

Model featured HHS6E



The Prärund is designed for introducing a round into the spine hollow of the case before casing in.

Prarund type: HHS17



The Präleg is a casing in machine controlled by a microprocessor, it is specifically designed for short run and one off titles as well as series production in industrial binderies. It can cope easily with varying size books with low set up and clean down times.

Model featured HHS1805



The Präform is designed to press books after casing-in and has a pair of heated joint formers to form the "French Joint".

Model featured HHS21.


Präform 55

The new Präform 55 is a great addition to the range offering higher production volumes with an 8 station pressing unit. The output compliments the Präleg casing in machine.



The Prägnant press is designed to block one off titles in craft and library binderies. It can block by either using your existing type or use blocks up to 60mm x 60mm.

Model HHS30 with tilting table